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Welcome to my website. Its purpose is to encourage a scientific approach to human nature and experience and to explore the interaction between biology and behavior, medicine and society, nature and culture. Throughout a long life I've been fascinated by why we do what we do, think what we think, feel what we feel. I've sought answers in anthropology, biology, medicine, evolution, brain science, child development, history, and culture...
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Wednesday, 04 February 2009 19:37

Paleolithic Nutrition Twenty-Five Years Later
Melvin Konner and S. Boyd Eaton, Nutrition in Clinical Practice 25(6):594-602, 2010

Paleolithic Nutrition: A Consideration of its Nature and Current Implications
Eaton, S.B. and Konner, M.J. New England Journal of Medicine 207:788-790, 1985.

Stone Agers in the Fast Lane: Chronic Degenerative Diseases in Evolutionary Perspective
S. Boyd Eaton, M.D., Melvin Konner, Ph.D., M.D. and Marjorie Shostak, American Journal of Medicine 84:739-49, 1988.

An Anthropological Perspective on Obesity
Peter J.Brown and Melvin Konner, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 499:29-46, 1987.

Women's Reproductive Cancers in Evolutionary Context
S. Boyd Eaton et al., Quarterly Review of Biology 69(3):352-67, 1994.

Paleolithic Nutrition Revisited: A Twelve-Year Retrospective on Its Nature and Implications
S.B. Eaton, M.D., S.B. Eaton III, and M.J. Konner, Ph.D., M.D., European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 51:207-17, 1997.

An Evolutionary Perspective Enhances Understanding of Human Nutritional Requirements
S. Boyd Eaton, M.D., Stanley B. Eaton III, Melvin J. Konner, Ph.D., M.D., and Marjorie Shostak, Journal of Nutrition 126:1732-40, 1996.

Nursing Frequency, Gonadal Function and Birth Spacing among !Kung Hunter-Gatherers.
Konner, M.J. and Worthman, C. Science 207:788-790, 1980.

Evolutionary Health Promotion
S. Boyd Eaton et. al, Preventive Medicine 34, 109-118 (2002)

The Promise of Medical Anthropology: An Invited Commentary
Melvin Konner, Medical Anthropology Quarterly 5(1):78-82, 1991.

Evolution and our environment: will we adapt?
Melvin Konner, Western Journal of Medicine 174:360-61, 2001.

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