Medicine At The Crossroads

The Crisis in Health Care 

Companion to the eight-hour PBS/BBC television series.

Medicine at the Crossroads is available here as a PDF Download


MedCross cover

“The book’s greatest strength is Melvin Konner’s clear presentation of simultaneous realities. He honors both scientific achievement and spiritual life, and sees social progress…as the basis for the prevention and cure of suffering . . . The stories are always lively–this is a highly readable book–and usually enlightening . . . Medicine at the Crossroads is jampacked with interesting information and insight. It’s a graceful polemic, a stimulant, and a contribution to the general medical education everyone needs…”

Madeline Marget, Commonweal

“A realistic, much-needed critique.”


“Konner uses his formidable analytical skills to focus on what he sees to be critical issues . . . Writing with passion, [he] reinforces his descriptions of real people in rough situations with enough statistical data to be convincing but never numbing . . . we can all benefit.”

Bettyann Kevles, The Los Angeles Times

“For anyone looking for new perspectives on the crises in health care, Medicine at the Crossroads is a useful book, and an unusual one.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Leisurely, talkative, entertaining, and readable…illuminating discussions of pressing problems in medical science.”

Francis D. Moore, M.D., New England Journal of Medicine

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