Human Nature

The Weather of Violence: Metaphors and Models, Predictions and Surprises
Melvin Konner, Counter-Terrorism Exchange (CTX) 5(3):53-63, August 2015

Paleolithic Nutrition Twenty-Five Years Later
Melvin Konner and S. Boyd Eaton, Nutrition in Clinical Practice 25(6):594-602, 2010

Human Nature, Ethnic Violence, and War
Melvin Konner, In The Psychology of Resolving Global Conflicts: From War to Peace, Vol. 1, edited by Mari Fitzduff and Chris E. Stout, Praeger Security International, 2006.

Trauma, Adaptation, and Resilience: A Cross-Cultural and Evolutionary Perspective
Melvin Konner, In Understanding Trauma: Integrating Biological, Clinical, and Cultural Perspectives, edited by Lawrence J. Kirmayer,  Robert Lemelson, and Mark Barad, Cambridge University Press, 2007.

Human Behavioral Biology: Preparations for the Birth of a Paradigm in Anthropology
Melvin Konner, in Crisis in Anthropology, edited by E.A. Hoebel, R. Currier, and S. Kaiser, Garland Publishing, 1982.

Ethnographic Romanticism and the Idea of Human Nature: Parallels Between Samoa and !Kung San
Melvin Konner and Marjorie Shostak, in The Past and Future of !Kung Ethnography: Critical Reflections and Symbolic Perspectives. Essays in Honour of Lorna Marshall

Universals of Behavioral Development in Relation to Brain Myelination
Melvin Konner, in Brain Maturation and Cognitive Development: Cross-Cultural and Comparative Perspectives, edited by Kathleen R. Gibson and Anne C. Petersen, Aldine de Gruyter, 1991.

Childhood and the Family: An Anthropological View
Melvin Konner, Schoolbook 1(1):3-7, 1990.

Alternative Conceptions of Intellectual Functioning
S.R. Tulkin, M.J. Konner

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