Important Disclaimer

Dear Students,

My eldest daughter, who has two sources of expertise on this—she was an Emory College student, Class of 2000, and is an attorney (JD, NYU Law, 2005)—has texted to caution me that not all of you may realize that I was being sarcastic in my last announcement:

“You have to tell people not to do this: ‘Then there’s the experiment proposed by the Doctor-in-Chief or DiC. You can really help out here. Swallow, or better still inject Lysol or another disinfectant. I think he meant, like, in your veins? Also, get some really bright (but maybe not too thick) flashlights and stick them in all the places where the sun doesn’t shine.’ You can blame it on your lawyer daughter. But you put it out there without making it expressly clear that nobody should do this and that they will die. You can’t (not you). Please. This is one of those situations where you should defer to my expertise. I love you.”

So, I am deferring to my daughter’s expertise. When I paraphrased President Trump’s advice about disinfectant, I was being satirical and sarcastic. I was mocking him. As she says, “NO ONE SHOULD DO THIS AND IF THEY DO THEY WILL DIE!”

President Trump also now claims HE was being sarcastic. You can judge for yourself here

Also, please read this warning from the manufacturer of Lysol disinfectant:

Regarding the use of thin flashlights in bodily orifices, you may use your own judgment. But please don’t lose your sense of humor.

Dr. K


  1. Geri-Ann Galanti says:

    Oh geez, what a world we live in. It was so clear that you were joking (unlike our President who always claims he was joking when caught saying something outrageously stupid, but was actually saying something he believed because his “gut” told him it was true). But I’m sure your daughter is right and (sadly) you can’t be too careful. I guess you can’t trust the public to use the brains they were born with. I just read an article in the NY Times headlined, “As Trump Promoted Drugs, Prescriptions Surged in Spite of Risks.” It’s hard to believe that anyone thinks he’s an expert in anything medical, but then, I live in California. I trust the doctors and public health people. You’re in Georgia. Ignore your governor and stay safe. (By the way, I realize I’ve been ranting a bit; feel free not to publish it.). P.S. I hope you keep putting these out, even though I’m not in your class.

    • Mel says:

      Yes, well, I have to take my daughter the lawyer seriously. Calls to poison centers in several states have apparently surged. Trump has a scientist in his Cabinet: Ben Carson. Alas.

  2. H.L. Mitchell says:

    Dr. Konner,

    I was unsure if you were just kidding or if, perhaps, there were pages stuck together in my copy of Why The Reckless Survive, which resulted in my missing some critical paragraph on how to respond when the predicate “reckless” act is electing the village idiot to high office.

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