The Paleolithic Prescription

by S. Boyd Eaton, Melvin Konner, and Marjorie Shostak

The Paleolithic Prescription: A Program of Diet & Exercise and a Design for Living is available for purchase at

“While most diets are simply fads, The Paleolithic Prescription is a brilliant exposition on the diet Nature designed for us…Anyone interested in leading a fuller and healthier life cannot afford to ignore this critical, highly readable, and enlightening book.”

Donald C. Johanson, author of Lucy’s Legacy: The Quest for Human Origins and From Lucy to Language

Paleo cover“…probably the best and most useful diet, exercise, and design for living book ever published, and certainly the most readable.”

Ashley Montagu, author of On Being Human, Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin, The Natural Superiority of Women, and other books

“The last word on diets is probably the first. The Paleolithic Prescription is for the long haul. It is ‘The Live to Win’ diet.”

George Sheehan, M.D., medical editor of Runner’s World magazine and author of Dr. Sheehan on Fitness and other bestselling books

“An extraordinarily important document, and one of the most fascinating and conviincing approaches to healthy eating that I have read in a long time…so important that it should be iin the hands of almost all dietitians and nutritionists.”

Dennis Burkitt, M.D., author of many books including Eat Right, Stay Healthy, and Don’t Forget Fiber in Your Diet

“…of extreme importance. It enables us to bring a crucial element to the interpretation of modern data concerning nutrition and health…The reader of The Paleolithic Prescription will find the data fascinating and can derive very useful lessons from it.”

Jean Mayer, nutritionist and president, Tufts University

“The book to read, first and foremost, as a unique guide to healthier, happier, and even longer living, unique for its evolutionary perspective featuriing the latest discoveries of modern medicine and nutrition in the context of how much we can learn from our Stone Age ancestors. Highly recommended.”

John Pfeiffer, author of The Creative Explosion and The Emergence of Humankind

“I have enjoyed reading The Paleolithic Prescription…It is always good to see the study of our past being applied to the problems of our modern ways of living and the authors have presented convincing arguments.”

Richard Leakey, author of The Origin of Humankind

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