The Jewish Body

Honorable Mention for the American Library Association’s 2010 Sophie Brody Award, “to encourage, recognize, and commend outstanding achievement in Jewish literature.”

The Jewish Body “…a unique and highly literate perspective on Jewish contributions to culture, thought and the history of civilization …a memorable and often moving experience ”

Sherwin B. Nuland, Moment

”…a tour de force…”

Sander Gilman, The Forward

“Konner’s examination of the Jewish body ranges from the implications of Jewish genes to visions of master mystics crawling in the dense curls of God’s black beard—a brief metaphorical corporeality—and spans the ages from ancient Israel to Israel reborn. This range allows us fresh views of Jewish identity and self-identity from a committed and thoughtful author.”

Jewish Book World, Spring 2009

“…weaves a narrative that is not just a Jewish story, but one of humanity’s many stories…”

Muhammed Hassanali,  

“Konner . . . is an able and companionable guide . . . By the end, it’s hard not to register what a mensch [he] is, and then just how strange and remarkable his times, and ours, have been.”

Noah Efron, Haaretz    


“…a terrific book, filled with deep insight and great originality. This reviewer can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Barbara Pash, The Baltimore Jewish Times   


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