Books Reviewed by Konner (Selected)

“A Bold New Theory Proposes That Humans Tamed Themselves.” Richard Wrangham’s The Goodness Paradox reviewed for The Atlantic, March 2019.

“An Unevolved View of Gender Evolution.” Mari Ruti’s The Age of Scientific Sexism reviewed for The Chronicle of Higher Education Review, 2015.

“The Evolutionary Roots of Altruism.” David Sloan Wilson’s Does Alruism Exist? reviewed for The American Prospect, 2014.

“21st Century Vindications of Darwin.” Five books reviewed for The Los Angeles Review of Books, 2012.

“It Does Take a Village.” Sarah Hrdy’s Mothers and Others reviewed for The New York Review of Books, 2011.

“Epidemic of Panic.” Seth Mnookin’s The Panic Virus reviewed for Nature, 2011.

“At the Cutting Edge of Human Adaptation.” Frank Marlowe’s The Hadza and Nancy Howell’s Life Histories of the Dobe !Kung reviewed for American Scientist, 2011.

“Unique. Sort of.” Michael Gazzaniga’s Human reviewed for American Scientist, 2009.

“Our Bodies, Our Choices.” Michael Sandel’s The Case Against Perfection  reviewed for The American Prospect, 2007.

“Dim Beginnings.” Elizabeth Marshall Thomas’s The Old Way: A Story of the First People,  reviewed for The New York Review of Books, 2007.

“The Buck Stops Here.” Daniel Dennett’s Freedom Evolves reviewed for Nature, 2003.

“One Man’s Rainbow.” Richard Dawkins’ Unweaving the Rainbow reviewed for Scientific American, 1999.

“A Piece of Your Mind.” Steven Pinker’s How the Mind Works reviewed for Science, 1998.

“Bursting a South Sea Bubble.” Derek Freeman’s The Fateful Hoaxing of Margaret Mead reviewed for Nature, 1998.

“Take Only As Directed.” Anne Fadiman’s The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down reviewed for The New York Times Book Review, 1997.

“A Dose of Dr. Darwin.” Randolph Nesse and George Williams’ Why We Get Sick reviewed for Nature, 1995.

“A Muster of Veterans.” Michael Robinson and Lionel Tiger’s collection Man and Beast Revisited reviewed for Science,1991.

Review of Mark Cohen’s Health and the Rise of Civilization for The New England Journal of Medicine, 1990.

Review of Renato Rosaldo’s Culture and Truth for American Anthropologist, 1990.

“A Higher Love.” Ethel Person’s Dreams of Love and Fateful Encounters reviewed for  MD Magazine, 1990.

“Tame Thoughts on Violence.” Aggression  by “John Klama” reviewed for Nature, 1988.

“Jane Goodall’s Masterwork.” The Chimpanzees of Gombe reviewed for Ms., 1986.

“One Gene at a Time.” Philip Kitcher’s Vaulting Ambition: Sociobiology and the Quest for Human Nature reviewed for The New York Times Book Review, 1985.

“The Politics of Biology.” Richard Lewontin, Steven Rose, and Leon Kamin’s Not in Our Genes reviewed for  Natural History, 1984.

“The Darkness of Power.” Andrew Bard Schmookler’s The Parable of the Tribes reviewed for The New York Times Book Review, 1984.

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